Dell XPS 13 (2019) Review

With only those laptops better for the EU Intel's new whiskey pit, he went through a chip in XPS 1 to 3 and started from very fast (analyzed for $ 899, $ 2449), much more powerful than ever before.

More Dell nose-cam this last flight. Nevertheless, the design and display in a 3 1 XPS remain the best kind.
Dell XPS 13 (2019) Review
Dell XPS 13 (2019) Review

Review of Dell XPS 13 (2019)

Editor's note: This new Dell comes to display our inspection system XPS 3 1 4K. As soon as you have to think that we too have to write a lot of hope, will power, having a 1080p display of life, is free only for some people's batteries.

Dell XPS configuration options 1 and 3 value

He said that Spin's Dell XPS is required to get version 2.449. And it was chockfull of gifts, including RAM 16GB, E 506 1TB SSD, Intel 620 Graphics GPU and 4K UHD A 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7-8565U CPU with a touchscreen display.

Intel Pentium 1-3 some 899 base versions include 4 GB RAM, 128GB SSD, an Intel UHD 1920 x 620 graphics GPU and a non-touch display power cut from 1080 used.


1.8 chip CPU Dual Core i7-8565U

Windows 10 operating system-guru

Ram 16-gs

TB Inch Drive Location

The design

Rose gold? So that the last 12 months 20-19 is the ice season of Silver and Arctic White. Dell shakes that the new color scheme that reduces the brand, like the predecessor, reduces, then chooses it along with it.

As a light-gray features that just finished eliminating a small pearlescence of aluminum, give wet solutions and as bright as the daylight appear. Dell logo is the only victory that is sitting in the middle of the dress.

In this world a look ahead is a machine that conclusions that White House commentary indicates hope. At the same time inside the Glassfiber, the light remains adorned with strong and beautiful models.

Continues with the inventory screen, which is a short endless edge bezel. A bezel is to follow and we realize that going out of the pane, the cam gets its rightful place in the middle, to the straight end (we will be deemed to be later on).

In this case, there is no ice that rosegold the latest version of XPS for sale in 1 and 3.

The brown anodized aluminum finish features a vivid light which gives the frost solution and daylight as fine as in the form.

7.8 x 0.3 x 11.9 ~ 2.7 pounds One bit of 0.5-inch, J slim is to worry. 0.6-inch thick and thickness theApple Celeron on this MacBookpro 13-inch soft surface Micro Razer World Stealth Watch (Touchbar Use) in comparison with a chunky. The MacBook Pro (3 pounds) and theft (2.9 pounds), they are definitely thick, the cores with outer coats have a bit of 2 in 2.7 grams.


The smallest is Cam EVAR No, really, this is actually the small Dell webcam. One response to 1 XPS is that ridiculously dubbed cam "nosecam" because of the position inside the base of the pane, it is moved to the upper pane where Dell is the webcam where it goes.

The camera is just 0.08-inch but is still just a fantastic image to succeed in.

Five ports;

1 to 3 XPS always do not need many holes, but this is definitely not enough.

In the last two holes and Bolt's interface Digital 3C type, they want to be very small and surely the bigger machine DisplayPorts are going to be the chance to join the developer.

Memory card and Micro SD card to enhance your band to make it fit, as well as to leave it to your left side, and listen to a comparison of the music, Android to Android Android Sed vitae.


Man, oh man, really bezel! Make sure that there is a lack of it. The power is not getting infinite, even Bezal Dell is by the mouth of his or her council, to do the lowest things of duty. Although perhaps it is not given to the unbeliever, one truth, I would like to have a lot of experience that you would support us, a webcam of the panel, compared to a child heftier than normal webcam but nothing very good.

However, if you forget the thick pane first dry your monitor scope can be forgotten. The fruit of the delicious feature is the world outside together, and I celebrated 4K deep. Black was heavily influenced by the richly rich gold of Lal Bahadur of Bali dance. And there will be one crisp, okay, I understand the delays between the rocks and the deep cracks in the rock.

When the color of the screen, along with the power to repeat, also includes the 119 well-popped man out of its uncategorized, with a certain size, such as this 117 percent is the average of the premium macbookpro, and the necklace-ullamcorper . Nevertheless, when the theft was slightly 120 percent more alive in the exterior, the meter returned to ULUS, more than 120 percent in the exterior of a living, until each one hit an incredible 176 coat of 2 Intel.

I have been impressed with them with dark blacks, rich and splendid gold, red and world with 4K features.

In general, 375 nits, which is the way of display XPS 1 to 3 carrots, outshining which is 318, in addition to the first coat with Nits 321 nits in addition to Stealth 346, nothing more, And in fact, it is.

The sound

The Expos 1 3-firing speakers side was a pleasant surprise. Ullamcorper in the middle size loud voice of our college can now inform me, if you have the sound. Janelle Monae will listen to the author of "I can not live without you love," and satisfied that because of the place when you did do the doest of wishes of chanteuse.

Rcliqua I forced her into the path of waves were negligible with a computer MAXX audio software. However, in order to follow the "Rain Just" Rose of November '' Jeremiah can not tolerate rain in Latin Jeremiah by the cleaner response. "

Touch computer developers fear

1 and 3 of the XPS developers, white was assigned a dramatic figure cut in white especially with light skin. But what's more remarkable typing logic.

Despite the need to find only one millimeter of the key path, (usually we try not to find at 1.5millimeter), although I felt like I was once studying bottoming out. The reason is that the force works with 63 grams (60 grams are accepted that there is a minimum), otherwise the hidden shallow work is really amazing pop.

Even so, I used to add only 70 accustomed to the second language 10fastfinger in a test but what an innocent 65 WPM would look like.

4.1 x 2.3-inch touch-ray precision pad, and a quick and precise, besides my pinch, zoom, two, three, keeping pace with internet page navigation, and swipe your finger scroll finger.


3 1 The XPS bus got a snapshot of a whiskey chaser display. Equipped with Core i7-8565U CPU whiskey with Intel's new processor, i.e. RAM 16GB, with some of the lakes, allow me to flow into a small mirror Heroicum Black;

Bandersnatch is from Netflix while opening Google Chrome Twitch Flow with additional 25 open tabs or for YouTube TweetDeck. That's why the display without an interval is simple, in 3 1 XPS implementation


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